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Secure IT Solutions

for a more secure


Virtual World 3D Environments

Recursive Learning Methods

Customisable Learning Objects

Web-based Multi-platform

Voice & Language Options

EthiByte is a unique online learning and assessment game-based platform.


EthiByte gives you selectable 3D virtual worlds where you can explore, complete puzzles and tasks, all while learning your chosen topic.


You can choose your language, your method of control, your view point, and even have voice overs for your characters dialogues.


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All pictures are in-game Screenshots

Medieval Times

Folk in the Medieval villages are very cautious of strangers. You must gain their trust by accepting and passing all their challenges. If you succeed, you will be spared. If not.....

Arctic Outpost

The outpost was once a research centre collecting vital data for the survival of our planet, but now it is deserted. You must search the buildings to collect data, but be careful of the alarm systems. They can be deadly. 

Western Trails

It is hot and dusty, and the locals don't like anyone. They will challenge you at every chance, because they would like nothing better than a good fight. Can you survive, or will you be just another number?

Jungle Ruins

Ancient ruins are scattered throughout the jungle. Find each of them, solve the hidden puzzles, and collect the valuable artefacts to complete your quest. Get the puzzles wrong, and you must do it all again.

Industrial District

Dark and spooky, this district must be explored. You will find no way out, but you will be questioned at each apparent exit. Succeed, and be rewarded. Fail, and....

Crystal Caves

Here be Dragons. The crystal caves hide many secrets, and the secret you need to solve is how to get out. You could wander endlessly, or you could complete the challenges and find the exit. But be careful of those dragons, they breathe fire!


General Business Compliance and Ethics

Sexual Harassment Awareness

Digital Security and Data Privacy

Workplace Bullying Prevention

Workplace Safety, Health and Welfare

Racial Discrimination Prevention

Cultural Sensitivity Training and Acceptance

LGBT Workplace Acceptance


Certificate of Completion with options for Excellence and referencing on CV's and employment records

Group subscriptions for companies providing analytical reporting and LMS integration

Options to add tailor-made data and dialogues providing for bespoke learning requirements

Secure online analytics tool and dialogue editor available for company training

Any and all stored data for restarting and analytics is securely encrypted with personal or company key

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