About EthiByte

Based on recursive learning theory, Ethibyte is a unique online application for learning and assessing just about anything. Over a decade of research by Pivec Labs show that immersive first and third person digital games not only provide ideal learning environments, but when developed correctly can accelerate learning by up to two and a half times over that of traditional methods. The uptake of knowledge is further reinforced through repetition, specifically when using recursive loops of game-based learning, also developed by Pivec Labs. These two frameworks are now uniquely combined into EthiByte.

This platform allows for many languages to be used. The supplied dialogues are created in English and translated using IBM's Watson supercomputer. Bespoke dialogues can also be provided and implemented in any language. Voice overs are selectable, as is voice control by the player. This allows complete accessibility for those players with disabilities.  

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Note: Works best with Chrome or Firefox, as Safari and Edge do not yet support WebGL 2.0 features

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