As with all highly successful digital games, players (or in this case learners) will invest their time when they feel ownership of the environment. This is established through allowing a player to customise all aspects of the game to suit their personal preferences. EthiByte is no different. After a player is enrolled in the topic to be learnt, they can choose any of the available virtual worlds. They can select and customise a character, decide on first-person or third-person views, and select the method of control that suits their skills; keyboard, point and click, or follow the mouse pointer (these will differ for mobile devices).

Once in the selected environment, the player is given a quest or mission that they must complete, where they will be challenged through puzzles, dialogues, and tasks. The topic to be learnt is presented in learning bites, and each bite is learnt and assessed throughout each quest as part of the game play.


The players progress is recorded to an encrypted database, for which only the player or company knows the encryption key. This makes it completely secure and allows the learning to be restarted at any time from where they left off. Company accounts also include a secure online analytics tool, an editor for providing bespoke data, and can be linked to their Learning Management System (LMS) should this be a requirement. 

Note: Works best with Chrome or Firefox, as Safari and Edge do not yet support WebGL 2.0 features

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