Learning Theory

The EthiByte engine is based on recursive learning theory, where learning is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills and Game-Based Learning is the vehicle that fosters the acquisition of the learning outcomes.  Game-Based Learning occurs in a recursive loop and as such when the player skills are acquired, or incremented, the player moves on to the next level of the game. 

The model shown below is based on 20 years of pedagogical research and introduces a time element where the player progresses through the game further increasing their knowledge and acquiring new levels of ability.

Macro and micro cycles of learning within GBL, highlight how player experience relates to the levels of the game itself. Where instructional design contributes to the challenge factor for the player, the characteristics of the game that promote player immersion contributes to the persistent re-engagement by the player. All of these factors combined will accelerate the learning, and increase the retention of acquired skills and knowledge, thereby affecting the success of the learning outcomes.

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