Learning Topics

Ethibyte is a unique online application for learning and assessing just about anything. Developed using unique game-based frameworks for learning and employing recursive learning theory, this platform conveys contextual data in learning bites embedded within the game play.

This platform is currently targeting business topics required in today's workplace. Each of the topics below can be played within any of the virtual worlds, either in easy mode (approximately 1 hour game time) for a personalised completion certificate, or advanced mode (1-3 hours game time) to receive a completion with excellence.

Each of the environments includes 6 sectors with a minimum of 5 challenges. Each challenge includes 5 learning bites, providing a total of at least 150 pieces of contextual data to be conveyed to the learner. This data can also be repeated later in the game as an assessment of the learning achievement.

The tasks and quests for the player will differ within each of the environments. However, the learning bites are constant for each topic, no matter which virtual world is selected. Using the supplied editor, company accounts can provide their own data for the learning bites, and this will dictate learning outcomes for their employees.

General Business Compliance and Ethics

Most companies have a code of conduct, or at the very least have rules for an acceptable standard of behaviour. All companies must operate within the law and company employees must behave ethically and legally. Whether your business is big or small,  as an employer you are obliged to ensure that your staff knows right from wrong. This course will deliver the basics of business compliance and ethical behaviour for all employees.

Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.  As an employer, it is your responsibility to prevent this. As an employee, you should be aware of what constitutes harassment and how to deal with it. This course will cover the topic from both sides, and is gender-neutral.

Digital Security and Data Privacy

Keeping company data secure is the responsibility of all staff. Keeping your data private is everyones responsibility. Using social media, public wifi, or just leaving your laptop unattended, have all become high risk activities. In today's world you need to be unplugged for absolute security, but we all know that is not practical, especially in the workplace. However, learning the basics and knowing risks will severely reduce your chances of being attacked. 

Workplace Bullying


Whether it is called mobbing or bullying, verbal or non-verbal, physical or psychological, from your superior, your peers, or even your subordinates, it should not be permitted. This course will teach you how to identify bullying, what to do if you are bullied,  and how to prevent it in your environment.  Workplace bullying can lead to a decline in staff morale, productivity, and in the worst case, emotional breakdown and even suicide. 

Workplace Safety, Health and Welfare

Often known as occupational health and safety or OHS, this topic covers what you should know to protect the welfare of you staff or what you need to know to protect yourself as an employee, your co-workers, family members, and even your customers. Although different in every industry, the content of this course will help you understand the nature of physical, biological, and specifically psychological hazards. 

Cultural Sensitivity Training and Acceptance

Cultural sensitivity training will allow you or your employees to understand and learn about people whose cultural background is not the same as yours. As our workplaces become more diverse, cultural sensitivity becomes essential and having skills to work with people of different cultures is paramount. Within this course you will learn communication skills, gesture issues, and what may be considered offensive within different cultures. 

Racial Discrimination Prevention

Racial Discrimination still exists in the workplace, whether it is blatant or simply through micro-aggression.  Small things like avoiding eye contact may be perceived as subtle everyday racism.  The content of this course aims to prevent staff and colleagues from feeling unsafe in the workplace, and provide for a positive environment where everyone can reach their full potential regardless of their ethnicity. 

LGBT Workplace


We all live and work in a heteronormative society, whether you admit this or not. However, as the world becomes more diverse, chances are that many of your colleagues may fall into a different category than you.  Many companies avoid the LGBT question with a don't ask, don't tell attitude, but addressing the issue and accepting diversity will enrich your workplace and encourage a positive and productive environment. This course will help.  

Custom Learning Content and Outcomes

None of the content in our courses fits your needs? Want to tailor the learning content to fit your company policy or perhaps your part of the world? Or perhaps you would like a topic that is not currently covered by our courses. This platform has been developed to cater for all types of training, and all types on contextual data. Contact us and we will create a new course for you, or use our content editor to personalise the learning content yourself.

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